We have now completed the tenth Female Talent Program

The purpose of Capacent’s Female Talent Program is to show talented young women our view of management consulting, to inspire and encourage to pursue a career within our exciting, challenging and ever-changing industry that is management consultancy. The program consists of three seminars covering a wide range of different topics and takes place during the fall every year.

Participants in the program are invited to gain insight into our core values and given the opportunity to meet a variety of our employees, practice presentation technique and case solving, get deeper knowledge of different personality types and hopefully get inspired by female role models at Capacent.

This year, sixteen students from six different universities and academic orientations were selected to join our program. After completing the program, the feedback we received has been positive and confirms the importance of this program. A quote from one of the participants:

“My main takeaways from the program are a stronger belief in myself, recruitment advice, presentation technique, teamwork, leadership, girl power, understanding myself and people in my surrounding better and inspiration both when it comes to personal and professional life. It has been inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented, driven and smart women!”